Designing your living room – More than just adding designer curtains and fancy soft furnishings!

Soft furnishings give the room a character and the key to designing that character into something perfect is by capturing the spirit and essence of those who live in that room. To sketch this perfect character, Window Passions brings with it an experience that has groomed rooms of the Presidential house; Rashtrapati Bhavan to the spectacular Palace on Wheels. Window Passions as an entity is known for their designer curtains, window blinds and other soft furnishings that have set a definition in the industry of interior designing.

With this expertise we bring for you some tips and tricks that one should follow when they are thinking of designing their living room.

Sift furnishing for living room

Do let your prized possession decide your soft furnishings and more:

The biggest blunder that one makes while designing your interiors is choosing the paint first. Remember that paint is something that can be chosen at the very end. Rather design your living room around your most precious and prized possession.

Soft furnishing for living room

Don’t withhold while choosing your Drapery:

Drapery is not merely to cover your windows but drapery is something that defines whether your room would be welcoming or everyone would rather be sitting upright and uptight! You can see some fabulous examples of how simple drapery can make all the difference. Invest in a good designer curtain or get yourself someone to design a curtain that encapsulates the essence of your room perfectly.

Drapery - soft furnishing for living room

Do let your home interior design be relaxing and calm:

Don’t be too systematic when designing your living room. Remember that the living room is where you will spend most of your time so let your interior designer model it in a way that relaxes you. From curtains to other soft furnishings, ensure that it all is something that you enjoy and lets you be at peace. You can’t keep worrying about dirtying that white linen and keeping it covered with plastic sheets; and if you do worry, then pick up colors that suit your style of living.

relax - interior design for living room

Don’t sacrifice on lighting:

Remember that light fixtures and the tone of your lighting can help dress up your room. Always invest in good light fixtures and fit in light dimmers. Like how jewellery establishes your style, similarly lighting of a room sets its style. Don’t compromise! This will be an investment that will definitely pay off. It will enhance your soft furnishings, designer curtains etc.


Don’t underestimate the power of throw pillows:

Whether you’re hiring an interior designer or just redecorating the room yourself; throw pillows are a boon in living rooms. These make the room very warm and cozy while lets you be comfortable in your living room; isn’t that the whole idea behind having a living room?

throw pillows - soft furnishing for living room

Do let it reflect you:

Unlike our formal drawing rooms, living room is a place where you can just be! It is a space where family gets together and it is used for recreation purposes. Therefore, let the designer curtains be colourful, if that’s what pleases you or let the window blinds have a wooden finish if you like it sober. Let the living room just be a reflection of you! Talk to your interior designer and let them create curtains that are fun, soft furnishings such that you don’t keep shooing your pet off. Let your living room be the most “livable and likable” place for you!  OPTIMIZED by ORANKS

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